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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tour Stop: Mything You by Greta Buckle

Welcome to my stop at the Mything You Book Tour, hosted by CBLS Promotions. I'm here to interview Greta Buckle as part of my stop. You can also find a giveaway at the end of this post and don't forget to follow the tour for more information about the book.

Here's my interview with author Greta Buckle.

Tell us something about yourself.

Answering this question reminds of me filling out an online dating form for What shall be my header to advertise myself? LOL. Must be writing. Victoria Pinder also writing as Greta Buckle is a free spirit in many ways, and open to discovering what’s next. Generally speaking optimistic and if things get me down, then it’s time to focus on gratitude. For character flaws, I’m stubborn in some opinions, suffer from a bit of social anxiety before meeting people, and I do have an aggressive dark side. This probably wasn’t what was expected. Hmm. Generally speaking, I try to listen to people and be a good person.

Do you have a regular/day job?

Yes. For the day job, I teach AP Government and AP Macroeconomics. I used to be a lawyer for a nanosecond, and before that I worked years in Engineering. I’d love to one day make enough money to focus on the writing.

Did you always want to be a writer?

No. I always wrote, but my family is extremely practical minded. The question was always what are you going to do with your life to make money? The arts are not a career choice. I went to law school more to prove something to myself, but what did I do to relax? I’d write fan fics. It wasn’t until I faced the question of ‘what do you want in life?’ I could have made more money with a job offer from a tax attorney position, but what I saw flash before my eyes was me being chained to a desk until I’m eighty and missing out on life on that damn quest to prove myself. And what was I proving? Nothing! I’d be miserable. Instead I became a high school teacher and started in the inner city. When I had a life after three PM possible again, I penned my first novel. Then I joined RWA because what does one do when one finishes a novel? I had no idea, but this started the whole path.

Who are your influences?

What didn’t I read? Classics, comics (specifically the Marvel Universe), movies, and romance novels.

What inspired you to write Mything You?

In the ancient world you can have humans on earth interacting with mythical creatures and no one will question it. I love movies like 300, Troy, etc. And there are bad ones too. I wrote this novel for fun and intended it to be a short story. It became a novel, and I did sell the contemporary story Two Weeks in Miami (coming out under my real name Victoria Pinder) in February.

How do you come up with your characters? Do you model them after someone in particular?

Theseus is a human and the heroic figure who freed Athens from the Minoans. Honestly I thought hero. For Ari, she’s independent but still sweet. I wish she was a friend in real life. So no, not anyone in particular.

Have you experienced writer's block and how do/did you deal with it?

I call this laziness, and I can be a total slacker. My guilt trip can work. More often though it’s lack of inspiration. For this issue, I’ll figure out what my question is. Focus or outline something new, giving myself a break, then go back to see if I have found the solution.

Can you give us an idea of how your normal day is like?

I get up at 5:10 Everyday. Feed the cat. Get ready for work. Stop at Starbucks. Finish last minute planning. Talk government structure, have a project for them. Figure out my next day or week stuff. Go home. Cook dinner. Write. Have a Guinness if I hit my goal. Might watch TV.

What do you do when you're not writing?

Is this a trick question? Lately it’s what I do. Oh think like again… long walks on the beach. JK. Normal everyday stuff, movies, hang out with friends. Don’t have a husband or children, but someday.

What would you do with a million dollars?

Quit my day job, pay off evil Sallie Mae, write all the time, buy a house and be a part of a community.

If you could have any super powers, what would it be and why?

I’d like to see and visit other world, planets and experience the extraordinary. Fly into space.

Any messages for your readers?

The world is yours to have, but you have to be willing to go out and make it for yourself, and make the world a better place for everyone else. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about being true to yourself. (Sound good?)


Title: Mything You: Heroes of Greece
Author: Greta Buckle
Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
Published: CreateSpace (Indie)
Heat Level: Steamy
Length: 258 pages
Mything You

He wasn't looking for love. He only wanted to prove he was worthy of being a king's son.

Adventurer Theseus had dreamed of meeting his father, King Aegeus. As Theseus journeys to Athens, he meets his match in strength along the way. But is it the will of a beautiful young princess that puts this strong young man finally at his mercy? Or will he be able to conquer the princess’s heart?

She had settled for a life of unhappiness and believed a man who would love her for herself was only in her dreams.

Princess Ari has followed her father’s dictates all her life. On her way to meet her bridegroom, she is attacked. Saved by a handsome adventurer, Theseus, she tempts fate and follows him on his journey to Athens. Being with Theseus opens up a whole new world of opportunity for her. But will she allow her heart or loyal duty choose her life for her?

Available at:
Amazon -
B&N -

Author Bio
Greta Buckle grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, then became a lawyer. After realizing she hates clients, she became a high school teacher. Teaching is fun, but writing is a passion. She wrote one hundred and one fan fiction stories online before deciding to transition into writing her own stories. Never ask her to republish her fan stories from age eleven- horribly written stories of princesses. Greta dreams of writing professionally, where her barista can make her coffee and a walk on the beach, can motivate her tales. Theseus story came to her when she was a freshman in high school as her English teacher, the nun, told her how life was hard and tragedy teaches lessons. Greta’s love of writing has kept her centered and focused. How is she crazy? The voices in her head are characters in novels and she’s not insane.

Visit Greta online at:
Website -
Facebook –

Prize is 15 eBook copies of "Mything You" (1 each to 15 winners). Contest is tour-wide, open internationally and ends Dec 21.

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