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Friday, December 14, 2012

Tour Stop: Mystery Falls by Marilyn Phillips

Inspiration for Mystery Falls and Character Building
by Marilyn Phillips

First, I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to Nickle Love for participating in the Mystery Falls book tour, and for inviting me onto your blog - Night Owl Reads.

What inspired me to write Mystery Falls?

Since early childhood, books have always been a part of my life. Reading has always been a passion. So I guess it would be safe to say that the inspiration to write a novel of my own came from other authors.

Where did the idea for Mystery Falls come from?

As any author who writes fiction may tell you, ideas for a storyline can come from almost anywhere. Taking a walk in the park, remembering the vivid details of a dream, observing the interaction between a young couple in love, listening to a song, are just a few of the ways in which a thought might be inspired, and then shaped and transformed into a story. A story where imaginary characters come to life, and the setting in which they are placed, can seem almost believable.

So, did the idea for Mystery Falls stem from a walk in the park, a dream, witnessing first love, a song? No. Not quite. Prone to waking up well before my alarm sounds, and unable to return to sleep, I often take this time to allow my mind to wander freely. To let my thoughts take their own direction. It was during one of these quiet and undisturbed moments, when the initial concept of Mystery Falls came to me.

It started with Samantha. She was standing deep in a forest beside a stream, angry and alone (very similar to the way you first see her in the book). Curious to know why, I allowed myself to become lost in her world, and slowly, her story began to unfold. By the time I returned to reality, the first chapter had been written.

As for the rest, there was no preplanning perse. It was more a case of one chapter inspiring ideas for the next, or in some cases, for several chapters ahead. I will add at this point, that I do listen to music when I write. And although I do not consciously listen to the lyrics during this time, I do feel that the music does have some influence on the direction my writing takes.

I would once again like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for having me on your blog. I hope this has given you and your readers some insight as to how Mystery Falls came about.


Title: Mystery Falls
Author: Marilyn Phillips
Mystery Falls

Secrets. Lies. Deception. For the past six years, Samantha Hunt has lived with the belief that the untimely death of her parents was the result of an unfortunate accident—that by the cruel hand of fate, she had been left an orphan. But it was a lie, a terrible lie told to her by those who wanted to keep her in the dark. And the truth... when revealed, will change her life and haunt her forever.

Suddenly plagued by a series of events which find her in danger and in need of a savior, Samantha is repeatedly rescued by the mysterious and elusive Shadow—a stranger who seems to know more about her past and the tragedy which befell her family, than she does. Drawn to him despite the antagonism she feels whenever in his presence, Samantha soon discovers that Shadow is not what he appears to be. Determined to learn his true identity and why he has come to Mystery Falls, the small town in which she has spent all of her seventeen years, Samantha not only uncovers the secrets he refuses to share, but also the truth about her own past. A truth which forces her to acknowledge that things are not always as they seem, and sometimes, not even those close to you can be trusted.

Resolved to seeking justice for the unwarranted death of her parents, Samantha embarks on a journey which brings her perilously close to her own demise. Can Shadow use his angel powers to save her yet again, or this time, will he be too late.

Author Bio
Marilyn lives on the outskirts of Melbourne (Australia) with her wonderfully supportive husband and two beautiful children. When not writing, she likes spending time with her family, taking long walks in dark forests and reading (anything involving paranormal romance / urban fantasy). Her favorite authors include Becca Fitzpatrick, Stephenie Meyer,Claudia Gray and Amanda Hocking. Mystery Falls is her debut novel and the first in a series.

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