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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interview with Karen Amanda Hooper Part 2

This is the last week of October and as promised, here's the second part of my interview with Karen Amanda Hooper, if you haven't read the first interview, click here. Keep reading and you'll find trivia from her novel Grasping at Eternity.

Nickle: Can you give us an idea how your normal day is like?

Karen: Lately, my day has been way too busy with moving into a new house and renovating. But normally, I wake up, let my dogs out, brew some coffee, feed the dogs, then we all hunker down on the couch and I write for a few hours. Eventually, the every day life stuff gets taken care of: work, chores, eating, etc. I always need more hours in the day to get more stuff done.

Nickle: What are your hobbies?

Karen: I love Disney World and I hang out there at least twice a month. I also love reading (duh), hanging out with family and friends, yoga, traveling, eating great food, and drinking lots and lots of coffee.

Nickle: What kind of music do you listen to? What/who are your favorite artists?

Karen: It all depends on my mood. I enjoy so many different types of music; everything from oldies like Ella Fitzgerald to current hits like Maroon 5. Some artists who really move me (and have for years) are Ani Difranco, Moby, Rob Thomas, Snow Patrol, and Blue October.

Nickle: I read somewhere that you wrote Tangled Tides years before it got published, were there any changes with the story from the time you originally wrote it to the time when it was published?

Karen: The title changed. It used to have an awful title, and I agreed it needed a better one. It used to be called A Motley Mermaid.

*hangs head in shame*

Thank goodness we came up with Tangled Tides instead! Also, Solis used to be called Sundrop Island, but other than that nothing was changed except a couple words or punctuation corrections.

Nickle: Perception changes overtime, do ever think about or do you have an alternate ending for your novels?

Karen: Not so far, but I could see how that might happen in the future.

Nickle: Can you give us a hint with what's in store for Yara/Treygan and Maryah/Nathan?

Karen: Yara and Treygan: Things did not end as happily ever after as it seemed. They still have some rough waters to navigate together.

Maryah and Nathan: They are going to have lots of fun getting to know each other all over again, but they also have a major shocker in their near future.

Nickle: If you win the lottery, let's say $1M, what will you do with your winnings?

Karen: First, I'd pay off my parents mortgage and credit cards then take them and a few other people closest to me on an awesome vacation together. I'd put some into savings for my future, and I'd order lots of my books and send them to anyone and everyone who asked me for one. :)

Nickle: What should we expect from you in the coming months/year?

Karen: Lots of updates on how hard I'm working on my sequels! In early 2013 I'm planning to release Taking Back Forever. Dangerous Depths will prob be released much later due to my publisher's schedule. And if I win the lotto, everyone can expect lots of free signed books! :)

Nickle: That would be super cool! Hahaha! Okay, do you have a message for your readers and/or fans?

Karen: Thank you times infinity. Even though I'm a writer, I can never find words to adequately express how much I appreciate each and every fan and/or reader. Their support means the world to me.


There you have it, tell us what you think of this interview and if you have any questions for Karen, I would send it her way or you can send her a tweet at @Karen_Hooper.

Here's some trivia from Grasping at Eternity

Q: Where did Nathan propose to Maryah in their previous life?
A: In a hot air balloon.

Q: In their last life, Harmony and Gregory had a child who is now a member of the kindrily. Which character is it?
A: Carson

Q: What is Gregory’s supernatural ability?
A: He can read minds.

Q: Who is the oldest couple of the kindrily soul mates?
A: Edgar and Helen

Q: Why doesn’t Carson like Maryah?
A: Because she erased and broke Nathan’s heart.


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