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Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Moon Dwellers Character Profile

This is the second week in the David Estes and The Moon Dwellers appreciation month. This time, David has written a guest post where he shares a little something about the characters in his book. Enjoy!

The Dwellers' Character Profile
by David Estes

In The Moon Dwellers, Adele and Tristan are the female and male protagonists, respectively. In their world, humans have been forced to live underground, as the earth’s surface is uninhabitable. Due to the President’s shameless pursuit of power, a class system has arisen, in which the rich get richer and the poor and overtaxed get poorer.

Seventeen-year-old Adele is a member of the middle class moon dwellers, and has been sentenced to life in prison due to her parents’ crimes of treason. Trained from childhood by her father, Adele is armed with two very capable fists and a wicked roundhouse kick, which she’ll need when she attempts to escape from prison to find and reunite her shattered family.

Adele is strong, compassionate, and sarcastic. The stuff that comes out of her mouth surprises even me sometimes, which I love. It’s almost like she wrote her own lines using my fingers to type! She has her father’s strength and her mother’s compassion, too, which is an intriguing combination.

Tristan is the son of the President and a sun dweller, and is forced to carry out the whims of his father without question. When his mother disappears, Tristan seeks to leave the Sun Realm forever, in pursuit of his destiny.

Tristan is honest to a fault, loyal, and reliable. Sometimes his honesty gets him into trouble, but I also think it’s what makes him so endearing. Throughout the first book and even more so in the sequel, the bond and loyalty between Tristan and his best friend, Roc, is shown. He’s reliable in that you can count on him to come through for you in difficult situations. He’s definitely someone I would want to watch my back in a fight.

I LOVE The Moon Dwellers supporting characters too. Roc is Tristan's servant and best friend. Loyal, somewhat goofy, surprisingly wise at times, Roc is willing to die for Tristan. He's dark and athletic and is willing to deliver the hard truths along the journey.

Tawni and Cole are two other inmates that Adele meets in prison. Tawni is sweet, graceful, and has an extremely fine-tuned moral compass. Cole's a tough guy with a fiery temper, but is quick to forgive. He's the type of guy you want on your side in a fight. He always has a sarcastic comment or joke to make.

Elsey is Adele's ten-year-old sister, who, due to her love of old books, speaks like she's thirty-years-old, with a love of elegant language and the use of over-dramatization.

Adele's father, who we meet near the end of the book, is solid, both in body and mind. Even-tempered, gentle, and wise, he is Adele's mentor.

Due to my unfortunate need to kill off characters, the second book will have a few additional supporting characters who are quite interesting (and a little twisted).

For evil characters, you have President Nailin, Tristan's father, who is arrogant, sociopathic, and cold-hearted. He won't rest as long as there is unrest in the Tri-Realms.

The President's attack dog is Rivet, a deranged, killing machine, who's been charged with bringing Adele and her friends to justice. He is evil brought to life.

I love all my characters in different ways, but my favorite of all is Roc. I hope you'll love reading about them as much as I did writing about them!!

What do you guys think? Did that interest you in read The Moon Dwellers? I've already read the book but this article still excites me. Roc is probably my favorite too.

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