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Sunday, September 02, 2012

In My Mailbox [3]

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme, hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, in which book lovers can compare their book hauls from the previous week.

I didn't post my IMM last week so this one will cover 2 weeks worth of (e)-books I received in the (e)-mail. Guess what finally arrived? My winnings from Mother/Gamer/Writer's 1st year anniversary giveaway!

I totally forgot about this and that one of the prizes is the first book in the My Merlin series. I was part of the cover reveal last week for the 3rd book and I can't wait to read this! Unfortunately my reading list is packed till October. But rest assured, I'll still be able to read it. Yay!

Still from a contest, I won one from author Heather McCorkle! I received an ebook copy of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll! I read the short-story, Born of Fire, a while back and I think it's really interesting. Here's the synopsis of Spruce Knoll:

Title: The Secret Of Spruce Knoll: A Channeler Novel (Channeler, Book 1)
Publication Date: November 15th 2011
Publisher: Compass Press
Author: Heather McCorkle
Goodreads | B&N | Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)
Following the tragic death of her parents, Eren Donovan moves to Spruce Knoll to live with an aunt she’s never met. Little does Eren know the entire town of Spruce Knoll is filled with “channelers”—a magical group of people who immigrated to the small Colorado town when they were driven out of their own lands.

Channelers are tied to the fate of the world. As the world slowly dies, so do they—and they alone have the power to stop the destruction of Earth. Soon, Eren learns she not only lives among them, but she is one. When she meets local boy Aiden, his charm convinces her that being a channeler may not be all bad though.

As Eren and Aiden’s relationship develops, so too does a mystery in Spruce Knoll. The town holds many secrets—and many dangers. It soon becomes apparent that the untimely death of Eren’s parents was no accident and that her life might be in danger too. Only time will tell if Eren can embrace her unwanted power and protect the only family she has left.

I also received ebooks from tours I participated in, which is so cool! I even got one that hasn't been released yet. This is a first for me. ^_^

Title: Clutch (I Am Just Junco, Book 1)
Author: J.A. Huss
Publication Date: October 1st 2012
Publisher: Science Future Press
Goodreads | B&N
In 2152 the avian race is on Earth looking for something stolen from them decades ago – their genetics. At the center of the search lies the Rural Republic; a small backwards farming country with high hopes of military domination and a penchant for illegal bioengineering.

19 year old Junco Coot is the daughter of the Rural Republic’s ranking commander. She’s the most foul-mouthed, wildly unpredictable and ruthless sniper the Rural Republic has ever trained. But when her father’s death sparks a trip into forbidden places, she triggers events that will change everything she knows to be true.

As an elite avian military officer, Tier’s mission is to destroy the bioengineering projects, kill Commander Coot’s daughter, and return home immediately. There’s just one problem. Junco isn’t who she claims to be.

With no one to trust, not even herself, Junco must confront the secrets of her past and accept her place in the future, or risk losing herself completely.

Other books I got from tours:
The coolest thing is that I was able to avail of ALL of Lizzy Ford's novels. I kinda feel bad for availing of them all but it was offered so I took the opportunity.

Last but not the least, I was asked to review a novel by Aaron Ritchey, The Never Prayer.

Title: The Never Prayer
Author: Aaron Michael Ritchey
Publication Date: February 9, 2012
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
The Fury of Heaven. The Desires of Hell.

A Broken Girl.
Shattered by the death of her parents, Lena knows she is not handling her sorrow well - keeping to herself, running drugs, risking her little brother. But she'll do whatever it takes to keep her disintegrating family together.

Two Lost Souls
Lurking on the edges of the afterlife, Chael and Johnny Beels have spent centuries manipulating events, one pushing for good, the other sowing chaos. Now these two desperate souls have taken human form to play a dangerous game of hope and despair with Lena trapped in the middle.

The Ultimate Sacrifice
Lena must maneuver the shadowy realm between angel and demon, love and lust, good and evil, until she finds the courage to see the truth and make the ultimate sacrifice. When do we struggle to change the world? When do we let go and embrace life's broken beauty?
I think that's everything. I hope I didn't forget anything, I should really write them down next time. Haha!

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